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Wagner Summer Theater is a performing arts program for children of all ages in the Waukee/Clive area! Our goal is to build confidence and expose children to the arts as early as possible. We offer diverse and unique curriculum in theater, music, film, and writing. We are continuing to expand our offerings each year. This summer we are proud to announce partnerships with some artists in residence. This is a way to expose our students to enrichment opportunities from professionals in bigger markets.



Wagner Summer Theater is an opportunity for children to use skills sets acquired throughout the school year in a fun creative environment! 

Wagner Summer Theater is child centric and the students help write and drive the content. Our role is to be the catalyst to help them bring their ideas to life.

In a world where anxiety and stress in children is growing rapidly, we see artistic expression as a way to off set these feelings and balance out learning with artistic expression.

This summer we hope to inspire and ignite the imaginations of young minds.

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Wagner Summer Theater offers opportunities for children of all ages. We have summer camps and an opportunity to be part of a large scale theatrical production. The content is written and performed by the students.

We are proud to be announcing our 2019 summer schedule! We will be expanding content this summer including more offerings for middle school and high school students. We will again be partnering with Valley’s Staplin Performing Arts Center for our 2019 end of summer showcase. All of our summer camps will meet to perform or debut their work for family and friends at this Showcase.                               

New for 2019: A spring production with Wagner Summer Theater. A GREATEST SHOWMAN REVUE!

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